High Sensitivity Questionnaires

Helping to identify

Why use assessment tools?

International research psychologist, Elaine Aron Ph. D, brought high sensitivity to the attention of people right around the world in 1997. She developed 2 diagnostic questionnaires to help identify highly sensitive individuals, both adults and children.

We encourage you to complete the questionnaire for children. This may be an eye opening experience and perhaps the start of new understandings about how to support your child in a world that is more suited to the other 80% of children.

We also suggest you complete the questionnaire for parents. Becoming more aware of your own temperament can facilitate a “goodness of fit.” This fit between parent and child is one of the main protective factors influencing the self-esteem of highly sensitive children. It’s not about being ‘the same’ but understanding how to modify unhelpful natural parental tendencies while capitalising on positive ones to maximise outcomes for your child.

Enjoy the experience. Please peruse the rest of my website for mentoring options and further insights. We often utilise the services of personal trainers, financial planners and accountants. Why not get some guidance for family life?