Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

A Parent’s Questionnaire

You can complete this child screening tool either by downloading the editable PDF below or simply record on paper your answers, to the following questions.

Please answer each question as best you can by indicating True or False. Answer true if it is true or at least moderately true of your child, or was for a substantial time in the past. Answer false if it has not been very true of your child, or was never true.

My child….

1)   T F feels things deeply
2)   T F performs best when strangers aren’t present
3)   T F is hard to get to sleep after an exciting day
4)   T F is bothered by noisy places
5)   T F is very sensitive to pain
6)   T F doesn’t usually enjoy big surprises
7)   T F learns better from a gentle correction than strong punishment
8)   T F seems to read my mind
9)   T F uses big words for his/her age
10) T F notices the slightest unusual odour
11) T F has a clever sense of humour
12) T F seems very intuitive
13) T F doesn’t do well with big changes
14) T F wants to change clothes if wet or sandy
15) T F asks lots of questions
16) T F is a perfectionist
17) T F notices the distress of others
18) T F prefers quiet play
19) T F asks deep thought-provoking questions
20) T F notices subtleties (i.e something has moved or a change in a person’s appearance)
21) T F considers if it is safe before climbing high
22) T F startles easily
23) T F complains about scratchy clothing, seams in socks, or labels against his /her skin


Based on research indicators, a score of thirteen or more True answers means your child is probably highly sensitive. But no psychological test is so accurate that you should base how you treat your child on it alone. If only one or two questions are true of your child but they are extremely true, your child may also be highly sensitive and exploring the trait further is warranted.
In that instance give Sally a quick ring for further clarification prior to your first session.