Highly Sensitive Kids - Services

Parental understanding provides clarity, reduces anxiety and instills confidence for everyone in the family.

Work with me because this parenting program differs in three ways.

  1. It is not a generic one size fits all approach but rather designed around your own child’s unique experience of the world.
  2. It places temperament at the forefront of strategy. Many specialists in the field are unaware of high sensitivity and espouse methods and beliefs better suited to the other 80% of children.
  3. It is a one on one guided, evidence based approach delivered by someone with both theoretical and lived experience, knowledge and expertise.

Highly Sensitive Kids’s unique various ‘in home’ or Skype programs promote parental self-reflection and modification of parenting practice to enhance family relationships, build childhood self-esteem and ease the distress highly sensitive children often feel.

Please contact Sally Gage on 0478 305843 for a free initial 15 minute consultation to determine suitability of her programs for your situation or email sally@highlysensitivekids.com.au

5 Session Mentoring Program

For those with a preventative long term view, who want greater insight into parenting a highly sensitive child, the 5 week mentoring program will be the solution. High sensitivity overlays a child’s every reaction. The more knowledge parents have, the greater likelihood of smoothly navigating the various developmental life stages. Early investment avoids many negative emotional experiences and unhealthy coping behaviours.

3 week mentoring program

If you are looking to discover more about high sensitivity, obtain the tools and strategies needed to guide and nurture your sensitive child and make some long lasting changes to the family dynamic the 3 week program is ideal.

Ongoing one on one mentoring sessions

Created for those who have completed the 5 week or 3 week program. Ongoing access to individual mentoring sessions can provide fast and effective strategies for change based on specific challenges as they arise. This service also works well as a top up refresher option after one of the other face to face courses.